Why FHA Program?
Our FHA loans could provide from 96.5% up to 125% of the home value with a very minimal down-payment – less than or equal to 3.5% of the purchase price with the lowest interest rate. Low to moderate income first-time homebuyers are taking advantage to buy their own homes through this program. Home ownership is being made more accessible to a lot of people who can not put up bigger amounts of down-payments. Down-payments can be sourced as a gift, a grant or as a 2nd loan adding more flexibility to meet that requirements.

FHA Loan Program Guidelines
Fico Score:
640 + (Prime)

(Purchase): 96.50%
(Refinance): 97.75%
(Refinance cash out): 85%
(Streamline): up to 125%

30 year / 15 year / 5 year / 3 year

Owner Occupied only

45 / 55

Maximum Loan Amount:
1 Unit: Lesser of $ 417,000 or maximum county limit
2 Units: Lesser of $ 533,850 or maximum county limit
3 Units: Lesser of $ 645,300 or maximum county limit
4 Units: Lesser of $ 801,950 or maximum county limit

Non-Occupying Buyer:

Flip Waiver:
Allowed – Requires 2 Appraisals

Down Payment Assistant:
Allowed – CHDAP and ACCESS

Property Type:
Attached / Detached SFR
HUD Approved Condos
2 – 4 Units


Maximum number or Properties financed:
2 – Inclusive of Subject Property