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Loan Saver Direct provides you with the perfect loan for your unique situation. We make it convenient by getting in touch with us in four ways and to ensure we give you the best client service, we monitor and record your communications with us.

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VA loan program is excellent for a single program whether if you have No down payment or less money down. Private mortgage insurance is not required for this kind of loan program.

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Confused or can’t find what you’re looking for?
Start by giving our Professional Real Estate Agents Team a ring at (800)610-4093 or email us at

Here are our Most Popular Refinance Loan options:
HARP or the Home Refinance Program which was created for home-owners with underwater homes to refinance and get a new, more affordable and more stable mortgage.
FHA STREAMLINE which is the fastest and simplest way to refinance for FHA-insured home-owners.
LENDER PAID MI where the borrower does not have to pay any Mortgage Insurance Premiums.